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Report fraud:

We urge you to report fraudulent activities, not only to protect yourselves, but to protect others as well.

To report any fraudulent activities please contact:


Dubai Police 


Abu Dhabi Police


Common Frauds and Scams:

Some common scams and frauds have been around for years but continue to evolve in the way they are presented. Here are a few popular common methods to be aware of:

 Telephone Scams:

  • Imposter Caller: A call claiming to be from a known utility company (or mobile carrier, or credit card company) telling you there is a delinquent bill that needs to be paid right away or there will be consequences.
  • Debt Relief: A call claiming to offer help to reduce your debt, but requests fee in advance. Or can be a call claiming to be your credit card company offering a lower APR, but you need to provide the credit card number.
  • Relative/Grandparent: A call from a ‘relative or grandchild’ who has been arrested and needs money right away or they will go to jail.

Phishing Scams – Identity Theft:

  • Dumpster Divers: Fraudsters look for cancelled checks, credit card statements and other financial documents containing personal information.
  • Online Services: Keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and passwords protected and secure, and occasionally change them.
  • Copycat Sites: You may receive e-mails or text messages to appear as a legitimate site but are actually part of a scam looking to gain access to your accounts or personal information.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Scammed:

  • Government agencies DO NOT call you asking for payments. You will receive something in writing from the entity in question.
  • If you did not initiate a call, be cautious providing your personal information over the phone.
  • Do not just trash toss it – shred all unwanted documents, cancelled checks or applications that contain personal or financial information.
  • If you need financial relief, first seek assistance by going to the financial institution directly (i.e. mortgage servicer or financial institution). Fraudsters target people in distress with “relief opportunities”.
  • Keep a close eye on your banking and other billing statements. Report your discrepancies to the institution.



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